Harmonising the Three Treasures©

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This short Qi Gong form, Harmonising the Three Treasures©, will help integrate your body, mind and spirit and rejuvenate your vitality. Comprising graceful, slow moving, coordinated and occasionally intense gestures, it is divided into five short routines:

  1. The first routine establishes and connects the three inner forces inside your body called jing, qi and shen.
  2. The second routine creates a golden bagua or octagon around and below you.
  3. The next cosmically cleanses the central channel.
  4. The fourth offers the benefits of your practice to the Earth.
  5. The last revitalises the jing in the kidneys for a long and healthy life.

You will not only develop and store jing, qi and shen, but you will strengthen your legs and your inner core, improve spinal and leg flexibility, clear blocks in the central axis channel – all the while developing a steadfast, yet relaxed attention. One you have mastered this form, you can achieve its benefits with short sessions lasting 10 -15 minutes.


I received this Qi Gong form from Master Zhao Jin-Xiang. He is the originator of the Soaring Crane Qi Gong form, and was the instructor of my own Soaring Crane teacher, Chen, Hui X’ian.

Master Zhao first appeared to me in spiritual form on Holy Isle, Scotland, during a month-long meditation retreat in early 2017. Initially, he helped me with my Soaring Crane practice and then showed me a warm-up exercise. Slowly and patiently, he subsequently offered me more advice and instruction, and what began simply as a warm-up exercise, developed into a full routine. Over the next ten months he showed me a further four routines and told me that this Qi Gong form should be called Harmonising the Three Treasures.

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