Clairvoyance is a compound word from the French meaning light and seeing.  For me this means to see with the mind’s eye, beyond the appearance of physical time and space: the higher ‘octaves’ of light.

Without the filtration of the external optical process, the inner eye is able to see with immediacy.  After more than forty years of working as a clairvoyant therapist, I see more with greater understanding.  Working with clients and students, I seek to help with life decisions and direction, aiming to instruct and empower each person.

What do I see?

Within each of us there are many energies. The present that we perceive is the meeting point of past and future. Clairvoyance allows you to see how the past, present and future all coexist, and it enables you to see into each of those directions.

In people

I see colours in their auras and in their chakras. Each colour has a meaning with a wide range of interpretations depending upon its shade, its depth and texture. Colours can appear in combination offering more information, in the same way that letters combine to form words. Colours can also transform into images such as a flower, a symbol or – with the fluidity of a movie – a scene from childhood, a past life or a future life can unfold.

Outside the aura I can see beings appear, including spiritual guides, a departed family member, animals guides or even the spirit of a child who wishes to incarnate.

In my environment

When I am in Nature, Nature beings often appear: this can be a spirit covering a whole mountain, a swirling mist of energy dancing between apple trees, a water spirit in a stream or a great being anchored to a single primrose. Buildings and ancient monuments retain historic holographic images and memories.


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