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A mudra is a “symbol” or “seal”. It is a symbol of the hand or the body. Mudras hold and activate energy by their shapes. In India, mudras are best known as hand gestures seen on many statues. There are hundreds of mudras, many are used for ritual dancing and others for healing specific ailments or to represent one of the many deities.

When we are conscious of our hands while meditating, we can engage a depth of feeling that brings us into contact with our centre; the place that we all recognise as our spiritual home, the heart. Mudras are, indeed, gestures of the heart.

The course

The mudras in this Heart and Hands© course are used specifically to channel energy, activate and strengthen your major chakras. These gestures are graceful expressions of your inner self. The tips of the fingers create circuits of energy when they touch, encouraging energy to flow throughout the entire chakra system and resulting auras.

Mudras make light work of meditation by “keeping us out of our heads”, and it is easy to learn the precise placement of the hands and fingers in very specific and elegant positions. The mudras used in this course are a simple way to centre and vitalise your meditations by sculpting the space in front of or around each major chakra.

You will experience tangible energy in motion by opening the chakras in your hands and through your body. Think of this as something between caressing and turbo-charging.

The mudras used in this course have all appeared spontaneously to me in my meditations. I have subsequently discovered almost all of them are traditional or classical mudras originating in India, Tibet or China.


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