What I can offer

I can help you become more confident and self-aware whether you are challenged in your life circumstances, desire to refine your intuitive abilities or seek support on your spiritual path. Clairvoyant images appear as colours and pictures at different levels in the chakras and aura, as well as inside the body.  These are accompanied by words that pop into my mind as the healing process begins.

The consultation

Bring your questions about anything. As the consultation progresses, you “show” me what is of greatest significance, where to focus and how to work together. The best solutions are full of “Light”.

Consultations vary considerably from one client to the next. I trust the moment in order to allow the unexpected to reveal itself. This level of spontaneity is present within the various approaches and techniques that you and I decide are appropriate.

You might benefit from advice while someone else might need hands-on energetic work.  I will use one or more healing techniques in a single session. These can include the Mind Mirror©, regression techniques or activating and balancing energies in the aura with The Way of Harmony© points to release trauma held in the body.

Sharing  your challenges and goals with me is a gift. In return, you will leave with greater clarity and energy with a growing ability to shape your future.

How to book an appointment
Otherwise consultations are offered on Skype/Zoom (so that we can see each other), or by telephone.  For more information or to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
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