Consciousness Matters

In this series of podcasts I discuss what Consciousness is and its integral relationship to Matter. Having been a clairvoyant healer and teacher for over forty years, sharing my knowledge with students all over the world and now for the first time in this series it is freely available.

It is our intention that these discussions will be a valuable support to those hoping to add depth and integrity to their spiritual practice day to day interactions.

Blue Rainbow and Change for Good Consciousness Matters Podcast

What is the Blue Rainbow and Change for Good? What is the Blue Rainbow? What are the energies that support change? Peter explains how and why he has launched this initiative. 
  1. Blue Rainbow and Change for Good
  2. This is the Future Earth
  3. There is no Evil
  4. Clear Light of Truth
  5. G O D
  6. Four Questions
  7. A-Muse in Music
  8. Change is the Root Chakra
  9. A Musician’s Experience
  10. Clairvoyant Eyes
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