Consciousness Matters

In this series of podcasts I discuss what Consciousness is and its integral relationship to Matter. Having been a clairvoyant healer and teacher for over forty years, sharing my knowledge with students all over the world and now for the first time in this series it is freely available.

It is our intention that these discussions will be a valuable support to those hoping to add depth and integrity to their spiritual practice day to day interactions.

This is the Future Earth Consciousness Matters Podcast

This is the Future Earth This podcast takes us on a wild ride through the Matrix of Space/Time. Our Earth is much more like a dream than we realize, where places and times are very fluid. Our future self already exists in a future time. In 1996 he saw a blue watery planet in the sky while standing in the center of the first crop circle he entered. Looking up he heard in his head “This is the Future Earth”. This echoed his experience on a Hopi reservation two years earlier when he witnessed a Blue Rainbow that split the sky in two. The aberrant forces inside of crop circles connected the English landscape with Native Americans on another continent in a parallel time. Peter sees that our consciousness is also not limited and that now is a time to open up the Higher Heart Chakra, our personal blue rainbow. Democracy’s Future Nodal points on the earth and in the sky. The three heart chakras. How to know what you see as the future will manifest? Donald Trump was Louis 15th of France and why this is important. Hopi prophesy of 5th world or Future Earth. Birthing a New Reality. Music Youtube: Lakota Flag Song – Ghost Dance
  1. This is the Future Earth
  2. There is no Evil
  3. Clear Light of Truth
  4. G O D
  5. Four Questions
  6. A-Muse in Music
  7. Change is the Root Chakra
  8. A Musician’s Experience
  9. Clairvoyant Eyes
  10. A Clairvoyant’s Life
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