Consciousness Matters

In this series of podcasts I discuss what Consciousness is and its integral relationship to Matter. Having been a clairvoyant healer and teacher for over forty years, sharing my knowledge with students all over the world and now for the first time in this series it is freely available.

It is our intention that these discussions will be a valuable support to those hoping to add depth and integrity to their spiritual practice day to day interactions.

Clear Light of Truth Consciousness Matters Podcast

Consciousness Matters Podcast Subject: Clear Light of Truth  Continuing this first series of conversations with his student, Justine, Peter Tadd dives into the Big Blue, seeing Truth as a bright fixed star, The Infinite Point that takes him to the place of origin, of wisdom and to seeing  things "out of the blue" like a very  influential incarnation of Donald Trump. We can remedy fear by always striving to be true to our Selves and through our appreciation of each other and Nature. .  This episode is another step towards introducing "The Blue Rainbow:Change for Good "project  and Circulation of Light meditation teachings that will be presented in the up-coming  Series II.  The Search of Truth  Truth appears as Light True Blue.  Wisdom is based in Truth Ancient Egypt The Future Earth How do we know what rings true?  Experience and Truth.  Circulation of Light Meditation; a from of Tantra Consciousness reaching out into Cosmic Space The Eighth Chakra of Primordial Sound  Modern Eldership Luminous Space
  1. Clear Light of Truth
  2. G O D
  3. Four Questions
  4. A-Muse in Music
  5. Change is the Root Chakra
  6. A Musician’s Experience
  7. Clairvoyant Eyes
  8. A Clairvoyant’s Life
  9. Truth and Reality
  10. Human Potential