Qi Gong


Qi Gong has its ancient roots in Taoist China.  Initially it was a self-healing art, a means through which to maintain health in a large monastic setting while living on a frugal diet. Taoists learned to access energy (qi) from the heavens and the earth, from the stars and from Nature. Qi Gong was used to extend one’s life with the aim of gaining the greatest amount of wisdom and thus, hopefully, reach the highest goal — immortality. Qi Gong masters have always been considered national treasures and are still highly revered today. Many of these masters can heal a variety of human diseases, including cancer.

Qi Gong gathers spiritual and etheric forces and directs them into the three reservoirs in the body called dan tien (found in the abdomen, chest and head), into acupoints as well as into all areas of the body.  There are thousands of styles of Qi Gong in China – long and short forms – in which qi is guided into the body along internal pathways directed by the hands and the mind.

Qi Gong is a delightful way to experience Nature and to achieve a very deep inner tranquility.

How I use it

Qi Gong establishes a vital connection to Nature. The experiences are soft, harmonious and at times, humorous. I am able to continue to develop my clairvoyant skills through the support of Qi Gong: the qi of the third eye is very refined spiritual energy. This high frequency needs to be balanced and even fed by energy found in Nature, otherwise the body suffers.

I began my study in New York City with Dr. Feng in the late 1980s. He had an extraordinarily joyful appearance and an established reputation as an amazing healer. His simple technique was easy to learn. He told me, “[there are] two kinds of qi: one sees, other kind heals. You need kind that heals.” After some years of study with Dr. Feng I met Master Chen, Hui X’ian who certified me to teach two forms: a long form, Soaring Crane and a short form, Essence Qi Gong. The Soaring Crane form was created by Master Zhao, Jin Xiang who has since left his body. During a month-long meditation retreat  in spring 2017 he began appearing to me in his spiritual form to teach a new system of Qi Gong called Harmonising The Three Treasures©. 

An experience

While practicing Soaring Crane Qi Gong in an olive grove some years ago, I  watched the qi floating among the trees as I moved from one routine to the next. It is a beautiful feeling to be connected to the space around you in this way. I lay down in the spring grass. Everything was alive to my senses. As I looked up at the sky, white clouds floated by, I felt quiet and happy. 

A robin landed on me. It perched on my outstretched right leg for a minute or more. I had become one with the landscape to the extent that my ‘vibration’ was that of the earth and the olive trees.  The robin didn’t perceive me as human being, the me that usually thinks and observes and forgets that life is, indeed, an unbroken circle.


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