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How to meditate? And why now? 

Human beings are the major influencers of life on this planet and thus we have the greatest responsibility for all life, especially now. It is time to take our place.

Meditation is all about focus: not only how to focus but where to place that focus. When meditating on particular chakras, the energies of our body and mind align, and techniques such as hand mudras aid that mental focus. 

The Earth has its own chakras linked by song lines or ‘ley lines’. Above our planet is a sky grid of blue energy.

When we attune to this, we create balance and harmony in our personal lives, but also, as keepers of the Earth, become part of an array of ‘Light Minded’ beacons wherever we are.

The Blue Rainbow Meditation is a way to directly connect, both to the higher dimension that lives inside our chakra system and to the sky grid.
The Blue Rainbow serves as a portal into the future and most importantly, as our bridge to the “Future Earth”. Rainbows are auspicious. They are signs of hope, prosperity, and equality.

Change for Good: life is based on sacred geometry, found within us as chakras. By working with the chakra system we can open up their potentials. In doing so we can understand more about ourselves and achieve change for good. 

Three Sets of Chakras: the first chakra system lives in the body. There are a further two chakra systems that I have come to know: the Cosmic Self and the Supra-Cosmic Self.

These three sets of chakras are inseparable and best studied sequentially. 

I started my own meditation practice 50 years ago and have taught meditation for the last four decades. The meditation techniques that you will learn are both a summation of my work, study and practice and specific to this moment in time.

Level 1

The Seven Body Chakras
• Six weekly classes on Saturdays
• 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, 8pm CET (c.1 hr)
• January 9, 2021 – February 13, 2021

We will activate each chakra sequentially through meditation, creating a basis from which to actively engage with your multi-faceted self. You will learn which of your chakras need more attention in order to create the optimum balance. It will be your discovery into the mystery of your inner landscape.

Focusing on one chakra each week, we will start with the Root Chakra and finish with the Third Eye, while engaging with the Crown Chakra throughout Level 1.

We will use mudras and as well as images of the chakras as meditation aids.

Level 2

The Cosmic Self Chakras
• Six weekly classes on Saturdays
• 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, 8pm CET (c.1 hr)
• February 20, 2021 – March 27, 2021

These seven chakras compose the ‘higher self’ or Cosmic Self, extending directly above us. You could think of  it as another ‘you’ (your Cosmic Self) standing on top of your head like an acrobat with another set of chakras.  

As we move upwards, each of these chakras resonates further and further into our solar system, galaxy and universe. In essence, this is a mechanism by which the microcosm of our own body and the macrocosm of Space/Time can interweave.

We will use different mudras as well as symbolic images as meditation aids.

Level 3

The Supra-Cosmic Chakras
• Six weekly classes on Saturdays
• 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, 8pm CET (c.1 hr)
• April 3, 2021 – May 8, 2021

The third set of chakras are Supra-Cosmic or a ‘Non-Self’ chakras. This Non-Self is beyond the limits of our universe. It is everywhere and no-where. It embraces everything from subatomic particles to multiverses.
 Our focus will be on un-creating, integrating, and wholeness.

In this level we will also engage with the five spiritual ‘mantels’ of the Earth that correspond with this set of chakras. 

Blue Rainbow Meditation (levels 1-3) is an online meditation course
that will be taught in weekly classes (1 hr) via Zoom

You can sign up by sending payment by Paypal (or similar)
indicating your level(s) of choice
Price for each level: €134/$160

Class size is limited, please sign up early!

You will receive a Zoom invitation in advance of the class

What is meditation?

The  source and centre of joy and compassion lives within each of us. And though in recent years meditation has been marketed together with mindfulness as a way to cope with the stress of modern life and to optimise productivity, there are many more riches that lie within the scope of this inner journey.

How I teach it

I have studied and practiced meditation for over four decades. I have taught hundreds of students throughout the United States and Europe bringing into focus the culmination of my own perceptions and understandings. In a meditation class you will focus on specific chakras and ways of opening up to the forces within that provide direct access to your own unique spiritual expressions of love, knowledge, wisdom and clarity.

How I came to meditation

As a young man at university I became interested in yoga. Later, a new yoga teacher insisted that I should learn to meditate not just stretch.  At that time in my life I could think of nothing more useless than spending my time “doing nothing”. She posed it as a challenge: was I man enough to go the distance? I agreed to practice every day for 20 minutes, twice a day for six weeks. Thus I learned how to meditate for the very first time using transcendental meditation. After six weeks, having successfully proven her “wrong”, I stopped meditating.  The concept of doing “nothing” seemed like a colossal waste of my precious time. But after realising that some of my tension had actually melted away during the six-week period, I decided that perhaps there was something to meditation after all.  I returned to my daily practice. And shortly afterwards, I had a major clairvoyant experience that awakened my mind into a kaleidoscope of possibilities. That was over forty years ago!

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