Meditation Classes

What is meditation?

The  source and centre of joy and compassion lives within each of us. And though in recent years meditation has been marketed together with mindfulness as a way to cope with the stress of modern life and to optimise productivity, there are many more riches that lie within the scope of this inner journey.

How I teach it

I have studied and practiced meditation for over four decades. I have taught hundreds of students throughout the United States and Europe bringing into focus the culmination of my own perceptions and understandings. In a meditation class you will focus on specific chakras and ways of opening up to the forces within that provide direct access to your own unique spiritual expressions of love, knowledge, wisdom and clarity.

How I came to meditation

As a young man at university I became interested in yoga. Later, a new yoga teacher insisted that I should learn to meditate not just stretch.  At that time in my life I could think of nothing more useless than spending my time “doing nothing”. She posed it as a challenge: was I man enough to go the distance? I agreed to practice every day for 20 minutes, twice a day for six weeks. Thus I learned how to meditate for the very first time using transcendental meditation. After six weeks, having successfully proven her “wrong”, I stopped meditating.  The concept of doing “nothing” seemed like a colossal waste of my precious time. But after realising that some of my tension had actually melted away during the six-week period, I decided that perhaps there was something to meditation after all.  I returned to my daily practice. And shortly afterwards, I had a major clairvoyant experience that awakened my mind into a kaleidoscope of possibilities. That was over forty years ago!


Meditation courses that I’m currently offering:

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