Mind Mirror©

mind mirror

The Mind Mirror© is a simple tool and is one of the easiest ways to see and protect our selves. It reflects our present state of emotional and spiritual perception. The mirror is a circle and the circle is the window of the mind. This technique uses stored memory, bringing unconscious material into view by employing both ancient and modern knowledge of how images are stored in the brain, the mind, the aura and chakra system. The Mind Mirror transforms into a holographic magnification and accesses energetic encoding in the edge of the circle.

The edge of the circle is the skin of reality, the edge of our perceptions, where the “outer” and “inner” worlds meet. It contains our mental and emotional patterns and belief systems. When the circle is strong, the body and mind are as one.

Using a circle to ‘get out of the box’ is one way to see emotional imagery directly with the mind (a form of clairvoyance). The mid brain is the source of emotional imagery. Psychologist Daniel Golemans work on emotional intelligence maintains that our brain chemistry within this region is aligned with our endocrine system. My research has revealed that these glands of the mid brain are the physical attributes of the third eye.

Why a circle?

As a clairvoyant, I have discovered that the mind sees itself as a circle. The circle is the shape of infinity. Circles were considered sacred by many ancient cultures to the extent that the pre-Aztec tribes in southern Mexico would not use the wheel for transportation because they revered the wheel of life as Divine. Mandalas of both Hindu yantra and Buddhist tanghas are more than tools for visualisation: they represent the Cosmos and Totality. Carl Jung recognised the therapeutic importance of mandalas. And chakras invariably take a circular or spherical form.


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