About me and now.

My life started in New York City. I was born to Polish parents who were in America at the time that the second world war started. My father was an economist. He had been part of a Polish official delegation and later  a vice president import-export company. My father lost his fortune. My mother was enraged to be married but came to the US to visit her sister. She never saw her parents again. They did not return to visit Poland for decades when my mother met the man who had been her fiancee 40 years before.

I grew up outside of Philadelphia in Springfield Pennsylvania in a European culture and household in the middle of sprawling suburbia. I was fast tracked in high school and was class president twice. I was interested in politics, sport, religion and philosophy. I received a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Lafayette College. As part of the college church I became ordained elder. During my summer holidays, I worked for the Philadelphia national Bank. And I was being groomed for position upon graduation. But things changed dramatically for me. My father died during my junior year in college and the global monetary contraction upon my graduation eliminated my chances of working at the bank. What appears to be a crisis will redirect us into new and important directions. Life is what we make it.

Who am I? Who is any of us? It’s impossible to say. My parents met out of unusual circumstances.  We’re all collection of ancestral memories, DNA, and all the experiences that create the narrative of our life. My clairvoyant ability has two roots. One is that my mother’s side of the family full of psychics. The other is my soul and the inherited skills, knowledge and wisdom from a number of past incarnations.

When I think about this life, I start to put together the many places that I’ve been, the people that I’ve met and learned from. I sat in a sweat lodge with Alvor Looking Horse, a Lakota chief and Peter Catches, whose 90-year-old father Pete sat outside. I’ve gone into the Kings chamber of the great pyramid and  Celtic tombs near Oban Scotland. For 20 years, I led groups in England through crop circles from Avebury to Stonehenge. I attended the Kalachakra empowerment led by his Holiness the Dalai Lama in Amravati India. Celebrating the 2500th anniversary of the first of these teachings by Buddha Shakyamuni. My family of five kids was invited  to Sundance in Green Grass South Dakota. I put my forehead on the buffalo skin that wraps the famous medicine pipe of White Calf Women. Years later this same forehead, home of my wisdom eye, was blessed by the samadhi stone of Sri Aurobindo, in Pondicherry India. For seven years I worked as the quality control department at The Living Tree, the largest importer of flower essences in Europe. There I helped develop a line of essences from orchids. H.H. 17th Karmapa is my root guru who has guided me since we met in 2006 . Master Zhao and Jiao Wei appear whenever I practice Qi Gong, all be it as luminous cloud-like beings.

Who are we? It is a constant search. Never falter in yours.


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