Loving Kindness Relic Tour

What are relics? Often these are objects that carry detectable energies from a saint. In Tibet relics include this category but more specifically they are small pearl-like objects that are the manifestations of Spiritual Teachers. Known as ringsel they vary in colour. And most importantly they are “alive”. They interact with the environment directly. They reproduce in number and size which has been documented over time, challenging our understanding of Reality. Being in their presence is a blessing.

The Maitreya Relic Tour of ringsel and other sacred objects of Tibetan masters was organized by FPMT’s Jam Yang Centre in London and its international director Lama Zopa. The tour went around the world for a dozen years until 2015 and received millions of visitors.

The Maitreya Relic Tour came to Cork, Ireland, in 2014. I was fortunate enough to help sponsor this two and a half day event at University College Cork. We were blessed to have The Venerable Panchen Ötrul Rinpoche to preside over this weekend and offer individual blessing to over 2000 attendees including children and pets. Upon his arrival to University College Cork a double rainbow covered the city. In his lineage Gelukpa, his position is just beneath H.H. Dalai Lama.

Below is a short video of the event: access by using the PW Relic2014.

Video property of UCC, video editing credit Stephen Bean

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