The Circulation of Light Meditation©

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The Circulation of Light© is an active meditation technique that is suitable both for eager novices and those with many years of practice. The Circulation of Light accesses the spiritual force referred to as Source and called by many names such as shen in Chinese, prana in Hindi and White Light in the New Age. Using this meditation technique, you will experience your chakras via the central channel that connects and feeds them.

The Inner Chamber of the Heart chakra is the ‘pot of gold’ waiting to be discovered in this meditation. Once the Inner Chamber of the Heart has been accessed it is then much easier to reach the Source. It appears as a fixed star called the Infinite Point directly above the head. Because it is infinite, it is at the very heart of this universe; and, at the same time, just at arm’s reach above us. Once you are able to feel and access this eternal part of your spiritual self, you will be able to channel it like a clear waterfall around and inside of you.

The Circulation of Light is a meditation technique that has clear antecedents in traditional Taoist practices. I received this meditation when I channelled Spiritual Master Djwal Khul in 1978.

The Circulation of Light meditation course is divided into three levels:

  • Level I: Expansion
    • Bringing energy and balance to the major chakras and equipolarity to the whole system. (This includes a comprehensive study of the body chakras.)
  • Level II: Deepening
    • Opening five chakras on the back of the body; accessing the spiritual energy of the Earth at her core and her five energy mantels.
  • Level III: Transcending
    • Entering into the architecture of the ‘Big Self’ and the ‘Non Self’, exploring the set of transcendental chakras and the set of cosmic chakras.
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