Clear Light Meditation©

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The theme of the Clear Light Meditation© course is seeing and feeling both your inner landscape and your outer reality with greater confidence and clarity. It is derived from my experience as a therapist and teacher. It is also very much supported by Taoist, Buddhist and Yogic traditions.

Class I: The Spiritual Axis  

This class will establish a foundation for meditation called the Clear Light. Clear Light is the infinite part of us, our spiritual source that is unchanging, all knowing and is always there to access. You just have to reach out for it.

We will focus on the following chakras: Infinite Point, Crown chakra, Inner Chamber of the Heart, Root chakra.

The class will also cover:

  • Chakra anatomy
  • Establishing equipolarity in the spiritual axis
  • Accelerating time in each chakra
Class II: Mind and Emotion   

When it is difficult to go “up” for help, then you just need to go deeper inside, deep into your heart by feeling the love and wisdom there. This opens you to many gifts such as intuition, telepathy and inner knowing.

We will focus on the following chakras: Heart chakra, Forehead, Sacral.

The class will also cover:

  • Seeing/feeling with the heart
  • Intuition, faultless wisdom
  • ‘Out of the box and into the circle’
Class III: Hands and Heart  

Spirituality is not a lonely path.  It is not only shared, but can be shared through giving to each other. Giving is a natural expression of the heart. Using mudras activates the chakras of the hands that then enhance healing energies which flow out through the palms.

We will focus on the following chakras: Heart, Hands, Feet, Eyes of the Child.

The class will also cover:

  • Mudras: the gestures of the heart
  • Sending and receiving healing energies for body and mind
  • Walking in beauty:  awakening to Nature
Class IV: Opening the Third Eye  

Close yours eyes and look around. You will be surprised at what is to be found as your search for understanding is inward bound. 

The inner landscape meets the outer reality in the mind’s eye.  What is real is what we project out into life. Seeing is believing. What could be clearer?

We will focus on the following chakras:  Forehead, Ajna, Solar Plexus, Dream Chakra.

The class will also cover:

  • Dreams and visions
  • Higher realms, spiritual guides, celestial beings
  • ‘Seeing’ with the eyes closed and open
Class V: As Good as You are  

When we forget that we are, indeed, good – good as gold – we tend to create negative karma.  When we don’t forget our true nature, we create dharma.  To help with the difficulties in your life, there are higher sets of forces that appear as chakras of the universe to bring you to a state of Oneness.

We will focus on the following chakras: All Major and Minor Chakras, plus Seven Transcendental Chakras.

The class will also cover:

  • Karma and Dharma
  • Chakras of universal time and space
  • Opening to bliss


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