Healer’s Path©

Healer's path

The Healer’s Path© is a year-long, in-depth course designed to instruct health professionals to develop intuitional skills and increase awareness of the subtle and dynamic energies in the therapeutic relationship. Open to both conventional and alternative/complementary health professionals, the course supports each participant’s individual spiritual path and will utilise many energetic techniques which directly access the subtle forces that exist in Nature and within ourselves. The system of energy centres, known as the chakras and their resultant fields, the aura, form the basis of the teachings. 

The course honours a dual process of learning.  It is a process within a process. The ‘individual work’ lends itself to self-critiquing. Each participant’s personal  development is energetically supported by the larger scope of the training. This design enhances your own abilities and will not seek to clone you to one particular method or discipline.  Levels of awareness develop according to your own pace and priorities. Emotional processing as a group is very limited to allow for concentration on the course material.

What is unique about this course is the openness and integrated quality of the lessons.  The Healer’s Path is a blend of previously-acquired information and the inherent wisdom that exists ‘in the moment’. In this way, the classes are alive, while maintaining coherence and context. For example, different meditation techniques often arise spontaneously in class.  

At the start and at the end of the course, I will offer a clairvoyant auric drawing and analysis for each participant.

The Healer’s Path is a one-year training program composed of four workshops. Exercises and practices will take the experience of the individual weekends into the weeks that follow. There are written support materials. It is a comprehensive course of study and requires a genuine personal and financial  commitment throughout the year.


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