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Peter Tadd has worked throughout the United States and internationally as a clairvoyant therapist, teacher, lecturer, consultant, and writer for over 40 years.

Working primarily independently, Peter has been employed or worked in collaboration with health centres and other institutions dedicated to health care and personal development.

Therapy: Peter has offered thousands of individual sessions both in person and long distance and has taught meditation and healing courses internationally, often returning to specific healing centres such as: USA: the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York; Lightbodies Geometries in Fort Worth, TX; The Whole Health Center, Bar Harbor, ME; The Quest Bookshop, Charlottesville, VA; Healing Essence Center, Concord, MA; Body Dialogue, Orlando, FL; Switzerland: Centre Pléiades, Pully; Equilibre Centre, Pully; Centre Améthyste, Cottens; Portugal: Quinta da Calma, Algarve; Italy: Prana 2000, Florence; UK: Kailash Centre,  London; Universal Essences, Hampshire; The Living Tree Centre, Hampshire; Ireland: The Ennis Yoga Studio, Ennis;  The Yoga Room, Dublin; Positive Life ‘The Buddha Bag’, Dublin; China: ‘You are a Star’ Center, Chengdu.  

Courses: Peter has created and developed a wide range of courses and workshops over the years. His flagship course, The Healer’s Path©, a year-long programme of study into the chakra system for healers-in-training, has been taught throughout the United States, England and Switzerland. It is based on his own meditation technique, The Circulation of Light© that he clairvoyantly received from his spirit guides. There are clear correlations with Taoist meditation techniques (as pointed out by friend and former client, Roger J. Woolger).

The Way of Harmony© is a healing system that grew out of Peter’s clairvoyant discovery of energy portals (fingertip-sized points) that he sees floating on the surface of the body. It is now a fully-integrated system of points that will be published in a manual for healing practitioners in 2018.

After five years of training with Qi Gong master, Chen, Hui X’ian, Peter received his qualification as an instructor of two forms of Qi Gong: Soaring Crane Qi Gong and Essence Qi Gong. He has taught these forms in Switzerland, Italy, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Harmonising the Three Treasures© is a new form of Qi Gong created in 2017 that Peter has clairvoyantly received from a non-physical spiritual teacher, Master Zhao, Jin Xiang. He began teaching this new form in 2017.

Lectures: Peter has lectured extensively in the US, England, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy and Ireland, including at Southern Texas State University where he lectured on the difference between linear and circular perceptions of time. Other lectures have included At the Edge of Time in Ennis, Ireland, and Meaning and Mystery of Crop Circles in Dublin, Ireland.

Consultancy: In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Peter worked as a consultant for the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. He treated Dr. Frank Lipman’s patients for psychosomatic-based illnesses. In 1986 Peter was hired as a stress management consultant as part of a team to develop a nationwide health programme for Consumers United Insurance in Washington DC. He also served as a personal clairvoyant adviser to the president of the company. Peter worked as a clairvoyant consultant for Nicola Hunt, founder of the online site Management Issues.  In 2006 he co-led a weekend workshop for CEOs of mid-sized companies for the Academy of Chief Executives to develop their intuitive skills and understand the far-reaching impacts of their decisions upon the wider community.

Collaborations: Peter has been involved for many years with the world of flower essences. He started with orchids, collaborating for seven years in the development of The Living Tree Orchid Essence line together with founder and owner, Don Dennis and cosmic connector, Heather Decam. He was also employed  by The Living Tree – the largest UK importer of flower essences at the time – as their quality control. Other flower essence developers sought and continue to seek his clairvoyant analysis of their products.

Peter has worked closely with Ann Callaghan on her Indigo Essences and Pink Essences.  He was employed by Ian White to analyse the strengths and effects of the Australian Bush Essences and the White Light Essence range and is credited in their publications. Peter also helped Deborah Coulson launch her African Essences in 2014. Peter presented his ideas on the time-space continuum at the British Flower Essence Vibrational Association AGM in Glastonbury in 2013, bringing to light the science behind the effectiveness of flower essences.

Along with his valued work in the flower essence community, Peter has collaborated with homeopaths to show how homeopathic theory and chakra systems complement each other, and his article The Beautiful and Intricate Chakra System appeared in two consecutive publications of the Homeopathy in Practice Journal, the definitive quarterly for homeopathy professionals in the UK. He also taught on the same topic at the Lakeland College School of  Homeopathy at University Regents Park London.

Together with David Carson, author of The Animal Medicine Cards, he conducted a workshop Grandmother Earth Dreaming and the Council of the Stones in England and Scotland in which David’s knowledge of Native American animal medicine and ritual was combined with Peter’s Circulation of Light© meditation technique. Peter credits David with much of his understanding of Native American wisdom, ritual and practice.

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